“Kathy's background in psychology gives her unusual gifted qualities in facilitating groups and teams. She is thoughtful and creative in her use of questions, listening well and understanding. She is unassuming and offers great support to those she works with.”

D.C, Director of Leadership Development

“I worked with Kathy in search of a better work/life balance and both my professional and personal life have taken off as a result. With three children 5 and under, an executive level position with considerable pressure and responsibilities, and a husband who travels frequently, I found it hard to be present in my life and enjoy these precious years with small children. I constantly felt stressed, anxious, and overly responsible in all areas of my life. After working with Kathy, I feel more confident in my decisions, less stressed, and have the tools to manage a better work/life balance. I am more present in my life and living each day rather than worrying too much about the future or feeling guilt about the past.”

M.SF, International Educator

“I have had the pleasure of working with Kathy to design and deliver team and leadership development programs over the past several years. Kathy consistently brings insight, integrity, humor, and sensitivity to all aspects of the process. Her understanding of human behavior and development, and her experience in a variety of settings provides Kathy with a foundation to work with individuals, teams and organizations to move beyond their current state toward desired outcomes.”

L.N, Corporate Leadership Facilitator

“Kathy's quiet insight never fails to astonish me. She is incredibly in-touch with whatever, and whomever she is working with. Kathy can see through complex situations of emotion and human behavior in ways that just blow my mind. She is an ally you want to have, and to keep.”

B.A, Consultant

“Kathy worked with our leadership team for several months to help us gain greater insight into how each of us worked and communicated. She has clearly made a difference in how we interact, which has helped build greater trust - which I think is the foundation necessary for us to do truly exemplary work.”

D.W, Director of Commercial Innovation


  • Barefoot Proximity
  • Camp Joy
  • College of Mount St. Joseph
  • Convergys
  • Council on Aging
  • Fifth Third Bank
  • Procter & Gamble
  • St. Elizabeth Healthcare
  • Strive Together
  • Pride Leadership
  • University of Dayton
  • Voith Industrial Services