About Dr. Kathy Schulz & Ilumia

Coaching with Experience, Expertise & Creativity

Kathy Schulz is an engaging, experiential career coach and professional consultant. She combines a great depth and breadth of knowledge and experience with an intuitive, collaborative style. Her expertise in human behavior together with her love of working with people come together in seamless, customized solutions that are strategic, cost-effective and fun.

Kathy specializes in professional and personal development on all levels: individual, partners, teams and organizations. She works with a variety of clients, from larger corporations to smaller companies, and family-owned businesses to non-profits and government agencies.

What clients love most about Dr. Schulz is her unexpectedly uplifting style. Known for her insightful, thought provoking questions and interactive style, she gently encourages follow-through on goals and objectives, assisting her clients to successfully explore their possibilities with integrity and authenticity. Clients find her alternative ideas refreshing and enlightening.

Who is Coach Kathy?



Kathy holds a Ph.D. in Psychology and has worked for over 20 years in the fields of coaching, training and consulting with expertise in E.Q., human behavior and motivation.



Development shouldn’t feel hard. That’s why Kathy is relaxed. Her perceptive sense helps her connect with people in a real, fresh way. She brings optimism, openness and lots of laughs.



Kathy can relate to a variety of work experiences. She once found herself torn between jobs as a greeting card writer and a tour guide out West. She connects with executives, engineers and creatives alike.

More About Dr. Schulz

Kathy’s broad experience in human development and E.Q. includes two decades of work as a career coach, a team development trainer and consultant at numerous organizations, and a noted wellness coach, specializing in optimizing healthy lifestyle changes. She’s worked in a variety of industries and organizations, including banking, consumer packaged goods, medicine, IT and engineering.

A Licensed Psychologist, Certified Experiential Facilitator, and Certified Life and Career Coach, Kathy is also qualified as an MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) and Strong Interest Inventory administrator. She has been on faculty at Xavier University, the University of Cincinnati, and Case Western University.

Dr. Schulz is a member of the American Psychological Association (APA) and a member and past board member of the Organizational Development Network (ODN).