Wellness is more than the absence of disease – it is a way of being that leads to a long, healthy, active life. Wellness encompasses not only our physical health, but our emotional, social and spiritual being too. Our jobs, that aspect of our lives that typically occupies over ½ of our waking hours, is an integral part of our overall wellness. Here are a few tips to help you get started on a personal development path toward more balance, joy, energy, focus, and action in every area of life – especially your career.

Starting Simple with Your Personal Development

The good news is that all you need is the desire, the right information, and the support to succeed! As for steps, moving toward the life and career you want starts with three things:

  1. Gaining clarity on your values
  2. Making meaningful choices aligned with those values
  3. And establishing a workable plan of action.

How Can a Career Coach Help?

Coaching is for people who are motivated and have some vision about what they want, yet need a jump-start. A coach bridges the gap between where you are and where you want to be, helping you stay focused, implement an action plan and sustain results. When you work with a coach, you get what you want faster and more efficiently than if you work alone.

A career coach is an objective resource that helps you step back to assess your strengths and identify your goals. The process of dialogue and feedback provides you with clarity and support, enabling you to apply new skills and strategies. A coach provides you with ways to measure your progress and inspires accountability on your part.

One thing I love to do with clients is experiment with new behaviors. It’s amazing how clients learn to organize their life, enhance productivity and start experiencing their ideal work-life balance by taking small steps outside their current comfort zone. Whether you are working toward specific goals or simply feeling some dissatisfaction in your current life, coaching can take you even further, into the realm of possibility and potential.

How Does Career Coaching Work?

Each career coach has his or her own method, but I’ll share my process so you get an idea. My coaching begins via an initial meeting, whether by phone or in person, to discuss your current situation and how to take your dreams to the next level. Together we identify your needs and desires and establish an outline of where you want to go in your professional and personal development.

Moving forward, most of my career coaching occurs over the phone, with regularly scheduled 30-45 minute sessions, typically on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Most clients prefer this phone format as it fits their busy schedules and can easily be done on a lunch break or in between meetings. If preferred, we can also meet in person for some or all of our sessions. Your cost is dependent upon the length and frequency of our sessions, as determined by the customized development plan we collaboratively establish to address your specific circumstances. As an added bonus, I am available in-between sessions, either by phone or email, for quick questions or problem-solving support.

Have you suddenly found yourself at an unexpected crossroads with your career? Call me and you won’t have to work through it alone. Having a particularly difficult month? A quick phone chat may be the reset button you need. Whatever the situation, it’s nice to have an objective voice on your side, available when you need it, for encouragement, support and motivation to inspire positive change. In whatever capacity you need, I am happy to help facilitate your journey.